Giving IT up
9 January 2017

My first post should probably be about how this website began. How did I go about giving IT up?

After threatening to begin a career in writing for years, I promised myself a sabbatical, a break from my IT career, in 2017. That didn’t happen. Giving IT up isn’t that easy when it’s enjoyable and challenging work, and more importantly, brings in the money. I was fortunate enough to reach a compromise of a 3-day working week instead.

Those two days off allowed me to begin working on some material. A comic, a novella, a cyber-security safety guide, children’s poems and short stories for Create50. Towards the end of 2017, it became clear I couldn’t keep up an intensive job and bring my writing projects to conclusion, let alone start anything new.

If Gene Kelly could perform singing in the rain with a fever of 39C, I can stand against the wall on a cold December morning
Photography by jaynedouglas.co.uk
So, now in 2018, I’ve committed to the sabbatical. The plan is six months away from IT to focus on my writing projects. One of the first steps is this website; somewhere to advertise my wares.
“I stood in 1 degree temperatures trying to channel Gene Kelly”

Already things are different. I don’t recall ever having to pose for photographs in my IT career (apart from the odd ID card). My excellent photographer and website designer did her best as I stood in 1 degree temperatures trying to channel Gene Kelly. I’ve had to work through the intricacies of self-publishing (more on this in a later blog) and deciding on logos and cover pages.

Will I miss IT? Probably, but I’m sure I’ll be back. More importantly, I’m able to dedicate the time to creating and producing own material.


  1. Simon Birks

    I’m slowly trying to work a break into my ‘day job’ too! It’ll take a bit of (financial) planning, but I’m hoping it’ll help kickstart more opportunities!

    Well done for doing it!

    • Andrew Perry

      Nothing a lottery win won’t fix 😉

  2. Eddie Dynes

    Life is short but it is always possible to have multiple careers. However not many people are brave enough to let go of a successful career and try something new. I take my hat off to you !

    • Andrew Perry

      Thanks Eddie. It’s been a bit scary but I’ve not regretted a thing!


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