My current writing projects

I've lots of projects in the pipeline. Keep checking here for the latest updates.


Create50 run competitions for emerging writers to produce screenplays and short stories, with the winners earning a place in their anthologies or films.

I have submitted entries for two of their anthologies: Twisted50 – a collection of horror and ghostly stories, and Singularity50 – a fictional exploration into how artificial intelligence will affect humanity.

My Twisted50 submission, Ingrowing, has been selected for publishing in Twisted Vol 2. My other entry, The Witch Hunter was shortlisted.

My Singularity50 submission, The Perfect Match, was also shortlisted. 

More news on publication dates as I receive them!


My twin nephews have inspired a collection of illustrated poems, which I’m looking to begin production of in 2018.

Both poems and artwork are in early stages, and the shed is a peek into the idea.

“Thomas and Joseph woke up in bed, they heard a noise outside and said…”


I grew up reading comics and always wanted to write my own.

I’ve teamed up with Christopher Holmes to produce a science fiction story about Robert; an everyday teenage boy, with a regular teenage view of the world.

He’d give anything to swap lives with anybody. Even his own.

Will Robert’s decisions determine his future? 

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