You think your future is Undetermined?

Think again …

Robert is your typical teenager. Grumpy. Lonely. Centre of his own universe. He’d gladly swap his life with anyone… A not-so-chance encounter with a girl from school begins to change his life, his decisions and his destiny. But not in a way he could ever imagine.

Join Robert, and his best buddy, Cat, as he discovers why his future is still undetermined.

Undetermined Vol. 1: Placed into Abyss – the debut comic from Andy Perry and Chris Holmes is now available to buy in our online store.

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Undetermined explores ideas of causality and determinism. In quantum theory, every decision is played out across infinite multiverses. What if we could swap lives with the versions of ourselves who made those different decisions?

Video by: Chris Holmes

Voice over by: Rebecca Travers

Undetermined’s creators

Andy lives in the UK, and Chris lives in New Zealand. They have spent the last year having early morning, and late evening Skype and messaging sessions to collaborate on their debut comic. Who needs sleep anyway?

Andrew Perry


I’m an estranged Northerner, now living in London. Until quite recently I was a fulltime IT Consultant but now I’m focussing full-time on writing fiction, comics and poetry. Find out more on this website.

Chris Holmes


British ex-pat Chris lives in New Zealand where he runs his own marketing and design company. He’s a big Death’s Head comic fan and you can see his art across many websites and social media.

Undetermined Vol 1: Placed into Abyss Press Releases

Undetermined is an entertaining read with the potential to be a strong, successful series. Andy Perry constructed an intellectual drama. Holmes finds the right chemistry to bring the characters and their scenarios to life.”

“I wasn’t sure exactly where I was going until the last page of this comic, and on subsequent re-reads, I found the genius that’s embedded deep into its DNA. This is an intelligent work that will stimulate good imagination and conversation. I highly recommend getting lost a little in Robert’s “typical” life.” Fanbase Press.


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