About Andrew

Ever since I was a child, I had a flair for stories and poems.

I was always writing stories, jotting down notes or dreaming up new ideas. I remember winning a couple of competitions at school, which my Mum probably has a better recollection of than me.

My other flair belongs to the world of computers, technology and gadgets. When I left school, I embarked on a career in IT. This was quite handy as it granted me an interesting career; allowing me to play with computers, technology and gadgets while getting paid.

Yet, my passion for writing always remained.

One day, I made a decision – a major decision. I quit and enrolled in an English Literature degree with the Open University. I also set up my own freelance IT Consulting company.

About four years after resigning, I achieved a BA (Hons) First Class degree in English Literature. The Open University degree taught me how to inspect and analyse other writers and apply the criteria to my own writing. More importantly, it gave me the confidence to seriously consider producing my own material.

So I went back to my day job in IT and started writing…


I have plenty of ideas, none of which fit neatly into a particular style or genre. I am working on a science fiction comic, a young adult fiction novel, a collection of illustrated children’s poems, a surrealist novella, as well as a number of short stories. I have also produced a non-fiction cyber security eBook on how to protect oneself from online scams on the Internet.

This website will be updated to include news and updates on my latest stories and publications.

If you have any questions about me or my writing, please contact me or subscribe to my mailing list below.

Thanks, Andrew.

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